Questions / FAQs

How do I make a reservation?  (Step 1)

It's super easy!  If you have obtained a quote from us, each quote has a "book online now" link right in the email we sent you, simply click on the link and fillout the reservations booking form online on our online reservations system.  If you do not have a quote, you can also obtain one on our website.  You can also click on "make a reservation" right on our website.  If you are unable to do this, please let us know, the process can be completed manually using paper and fax. 


How can I pay for my reservation and/or deposit? (Step 2)

You can use Paypal, credit card, or a personal check.  Please see our payments page for more information.  We do accept payments in foreign currencies as well via Paypal or personal check (GBP, CDN$, or EU). 


How do we handle the security / damage deposit? (Step 3)

8 weeks prior to arrival, our management company requires that all guests fill out and return the damage deposit / security form, preferably online, or via fax.  We will not actually charge your card unless additional charges or damage is incurred, and we will notify you in the event this becomes necessary following checkout.  This is similar to the imprint all hotels take upon check in, except it saves our guests the hassle of having to find an offsite office location to register and check in, we feel it is a huge added convenience to our guests to do so in advance in this manner!   Instructions will be provided to you in the reservation emails, if you need a paper form to fax, please ask. 

Where do I check in?

You can check-in at the resort and go straight to your vacation home rental!  We will send you full directions, including turn-by-turn maps from the airport if you wish. Check-in time is normally anytime after 4pm (unless special arrangements have been made with us), and an electronic  access code will be provided to you prior to arrival, so simply drive to the property, show your check in voucher (this is a resort requirement, don't forget to print it and bring it with you or you will have problems getting in!) to the guardhouse at the resort main gate, then go straight to your vacation home rental, it's very simple, and streamlined.  All of your check in paperwork is done prior to your arrival in Florida.  Full instructions and details will be provided once your reservations are paid in full, 8 weeks (roughly) prior to arrival.   Once you reach the resort, you will need to show the guard your rental confirmation in order to be admitted to the resort and receive a parking pass. You will also need your confirmation to obtain your pass to the resort pool and clubhouse. If you have any questions or problems, you will have an emergency number to call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The property management company's information is also provided in the information book inside of the unit.  We suggest you take a minute to program our phone #s, and the contact information Oasis Vacation Homes, into your cell phones before you leave home, in case you have any difficulties, get lost, etc. 

How do I check out?

Checkout time is normally 10:30AM, unless you have made other arrangements with us in advance.  Late checkouts will incur a $50 late checkout fee. 
At the end of your stay, please empty all wastebaskets and put trash in the bin in the bench outside the front door. Kindly place all used dishes and silverware in the dishwasher. Please turn off lights and appliances, lock all windows, doors and sliding doors before you leave. As a courtesy to us and future guests, please try to leave the home in a reasonable state of cleanliness.  Please remember to take all of your personal belongings, as we cannot be held responsible for items left behind.   The property management / cleaning company kindly asks if you have sufficient time, to strip the bed linens, throw the towels in the washer and start the laundry.

Are there ever late check outs?

Checkout time is normally 10:30AM, unless you have made other arrangements with us.  We can however depending upon the circumstances arrange for later times, and we will make every effort to accommodate our guests if possible.  Please contact us or the management company ASAP and ask if it's possible if you think this may be the case, we are usually very accommodating, depending upon cleaning schedules and subsequent bookings, but again, this MUST be made via prior arrangement, and normally cannot be arranged the morning of checkout, as it's too late for the cleaners to re-adjust their schedules. 

Are there any additional options?

A common question or request is for a BBQ.  We do not provide BBQs in our homes due to the problems involved in keeping them clean and stocked with propane, however, our management company does rent them out to guests on a weekly basis.  They can also rent out a high chair and / or pack & play crib / cot (however these items are already provided in the homes, free of charge, but if you needed an additional one, it's available), and other various items.   You can do this online via the Oasis website, or fax them the equipment hire form, you can simply download the form and send it into Oasis Vacation Homes, and they will have your BBQ (or equipment) waiting for you in the home when you arrive!  (The BBQ comes clean, stocked with propane, and BBQ utensils such as tongs, brush, etc).  BBQs must never be used inside the pool area / screened in lanai, this is a $1500 offense in Florida if caught by the police (and serious fire danger)!   You can also select any of these items during the online reservations process, a simple checkbox on your reservation, and we will take care of the rest for you!  (no form needed in this case)

How many people may stay in the house?

The house can accommodate a MAXIMUM of 8 guests, due to Florida state fire and hotel regulations, and includes all occupants regardless of age or size.

Do you allow pets or smoking?

No, not at any time, and it doesn't matter how well behaved or house trained you feel your pet might be.  For the health and safety of all of our guests (including ourselves), smoking and pets are strictly prohibited.   Furthermore, the resort has a rule against pets being present in any common areas of the resort, including the streets, clubhouse areas, and all common areas of the resort.  Feel free to smoke outside, but the use of an ashtray is mandatory.   Violation of either the no pets or no smoking policies in our homes will result in a $500 cleaning fee being assessed to your security damage deposit, and in the case of pets, you and your pet will be evicted from the home immediately. 


Are you properly licensed?

Our home is Licensed in the State of Florida and also with Osceola County for Short Term Rental. Our license is displayed in the home and we can provide proof of licensing on demand. You can be sure that the taxes you pay are forwarded to the State and County on your behalf. Unlicensed villas are not only illegal to stay in, but you run the risk of being evicted as the State and County crack down on unlicensed villas in Florida. Ask before you rent any home to be sure it is licensed!  Play it safe and only stay in a Licensed Villa - as is ours!

Is there anything that is not provided?

There are a few things you'll want to either pack or pick up locally upon your arrival.  We provide only a "starter" quantity of hand soap and toilet tissue. Personal items like toothpaste, bath soaps, shampoo, etc. are not provided, for hygiene reasons. Also, smaller consumable items like dishwashing soap, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, paper towels, trash bags, etc. are also not provided.  We also do not provide items like coffee, tea, or any type of consumables or food, as people's taste vary from person-person, you should expect to find the refrigerator empty and clean upon arrival.  The cleaning company removes any such items left behind as each guest leaves the units (this is the common practice in Florida).  When we first booked a town home we wondered why certain items such as these were not left behind, then we learned that this is the common practice, so want our guests to know what to expect to provide themselves in advance.

What is provided in the home?

Our home is fully furnished and equipped for your vacation enjoyment. There are two sets of sheets for each bedroom and two sets of towels for each bath. Pillows, blankets and other necessities are provided. Both master suites are also equipped with a hairdryer and alarm clock/radios. We do also provide 8 pool towels, these need to be returned to the unit if you take them to the clubhouse pool.  All kitchen utensils are provided including plates, cups, bowls, glasses, silverware, toaster, blender, teapot, coffee maker,  and pots and pans. There is a dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and a stove/oven. For your laundry/cleaning needs a washer and dryer are provided along with an ironing board and iron. The house is equipped with small hotel soaps and 1 roll of toilet tissue in each bath. If you are staying more than a couple of days, you will want to purchase additional supplies.

Any other resort information you might like to know about?

The Windsor Hills Master HOA (homeowner's association) recently launched a new website, you can find a lot of resort information on this website, please visit for the most current / up to date resort information. 

Where can I pick up any extra sundry items I need?

Our home is located just minutes from US 192 where numerous supermarkets and superstores are found. There is a Publix supermarket located 2 miles West of Old Lake Wilson Road on highway 192 and a Winn-Dixie at Formosa Gardens Plaza, just West of Old Lake Wilson Road on highway 192.  There are also 3 Wal-Marts and a Super Target (across the street from the Publix on 192) within a short driving distance, well as numerous convenience stores located on US 192.   Also nearby are stores such as Walgreen's (drug store), and many others, so obtaining nearly anything you should need while vacationing should be quite easy, and a whole lot less expensive than staying on the Disney properties and eating out all the time with no kitchen!  


Here is a map of US-192 and all the stores on it:

Windsor Hills Resort is on section 2, the "shortcut" road to WDW is on this map also, Sherberth.


Here's another great idea...don't feel like spending time at the grocery store when you arrive?  Pre-order it all and have it delivered right to your vacation home from  !!  This company is like what we call "Peapod" here in Chicago. You can pre-order all of your groceries online and have them delivered anywhere in the Disney Resort area whenever you would like!! The groceries cost the same as going to the store yourself, and are of high quality, and they charge you only $10 for delivery... if you spend over $200 then delivery is free!  It's so convenient to do all of your shopping online before you ever even leave home so you're not wasting time at the store when you arrive!  (They even bring them into the home for you!)

Is housekeeping service provided?

The home is defined as "self-catering". The home will be cleaned fully prior to your arrival and will be cleaned upon your departure. Further maid service can be supplied for an additional fee of $80 USD per visit.  

How goes garbage pickup work?

There is a bench / seat by the front door of the home that opens up where the garbage goes.  It's not the biggest space, which is why they pickup every day.  If left open, this is Florida, there are animals, they go get into the garbage and will make a huge mess (we've seen this happen).   If you have something bigger than will fit, there's a resort garbage dumpster you can take something to, it's located on the right side of the clubhouse by the main entrance, over towards the first big condo building.  The following information is taken verbatim from the Windsor Hills Resort garbage flyer:

WINDSOR HILLS - Trash Collection Procedures

All guests, owners, and property management companies must follow these procedures regarding trash for all homes.

  1. All trash and garbage must be placed inside trash bags.  Close the bag securely.

  2. Owners must provide standard size kitchen size (13 Gal.) trash bags for guest use.

  3. Place trash bags inside the Bench-Mate directly outside your front door each day by 7:00 AM.  Close lid on the Bench-Mate securely. 

  4. Trash collection company will pick up trash after 7:00AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  No trash collection will occur on Sunday or National Holidays.

  5. Do not put loose trash inside the Bench-Mate.  Place all trash inside trash bags. 

  6. Do not pour liquids inside the trash bags or inside the Bench-Mate.  Pour all liquids in the kitchen sink.

  7. You must take any large trash items or boxes, which cannot be placed inside trash bags and/or the Bench-Mate, directly to the community trash compactors locations near 7650 Comrow Street and Recreation Park at 7721 Comrow Street.  (Closest one to the townhomes  is right next to the main clubhouse, near the condo buildings). 

  8. If you have any questions, please contact our welcome desk at 407-787-4255.

National Holidays are as follows:    New Year's Day - Jan 1st, Memorial Day - May, Independence Day - July 4th, Labor Day - Sept., Thanksgiving - Nov., Christmas- Dec. 25th


Post this notice in the guest information book or in the kitchen adjacent to the trash receptacle.

Is pool service provided?

We have a professional pool maintenance company that cares for the pool and equipment every week.  Every week it is vacuumed out by them / etc as needed, they are on call via the MC should you have any problems or issues with the pool.

Is pest control provided?

Yes, we contract with a professional pest control company to provide pest control prevention both inside and outside of the home on a regular basis.  They also are on call should there ever be a need or problem.  We call Florida "the land of bugs, sun, and humidity", and everyone down here has to have pest control for this reason!  You can help minimize the chances of getting bugs by being careful with food, garbage, and the like, but as the locals say... "there's much worse critters living down here than bugs..hopefully you'll never see any of THOSE!"... (snakes, gators, other nasty things! careful if you're on a golf course...not the place to go hunting for your lost balls!).   Please let us or Oasis know if you see any bugs, so we can have the exterminators deal with the problem!

Anything else I might need / have forgotten?

Oasis Vacation Homes, run by Iain and Helen Robinson provide top-notch customer service to all of our guests.  They can arrange (sometimes for a small fee) to provide things you might have forgotten or need, such as a BBQ, crib, extra bed, etc., even a car if need be!  They also provide in the unit a binder book with extensive local information on their company / services, as well as addresses and phone #s to many popular stores, restaurants, parks, medical care, etc.  Please don't hesitate to call on them for their extensive and very helpful local knowledge if you have any needs or questions, they are absolutely wonderful to deal with! 

Is telephone service provided?

There are phones located in the homes. Most phone calls to the US, Canada and international calls, Emergency (911), toll-free and local (Kissimmee area) calls, are free of charge.  The telephone number for the house will be provided to you in your confirmation instructions. We recently installed internet based VOIP phone service, which is an internet based telephone service from a company called Viatalk, and provides unlimited free phone calls to the US, Canada, and UK/EU for our guests!   If the internet were to go down or the home were to lose power, this service would not work, and services like 911 emergency calling might not be available.

Is cable TV provided?

Yes. Each television in the home is equipped with cable TV.   We are also HD Channel enabled on some of the larger HD TVs, via either a cable box or Cablecards. 

Is a stereo or DVD player provided?

Why yes!   We have a DVD player in the queen bedroom, the twin bedroom, and in the great room.  The great room has a brand new Panasonic Stereo 5.1 channel surround sound high end theater in a box system with upscaling HD HDMI DVD player connected to the 50" Philips plasma TV.  There are a few DVD movies in the home already.  The stereo is also capable of playing every major modern music format, SACD, DVD, DVD-A, DTS, WMA, MP3, iPod (jack on front of it for this), etc., so bring your music along if you like, nothing like some music while swimming in the pool!  The 5.1 sound quality is really great, and DVD movies look gorgeous on it!  Our suggestion is to pack a few DVDs to bring along in case you decide to spend an evening home watching movies!   The resort recently added a DVD rental kiosk machine in the game room of the clubhouse as well. 

How about cable internet / high speed internet?

Yes. We provide cable modem / high speed internet access in the unit via the cable company for free.  You will need to bring your own laptop or PC.  There is a standard wireless network hub device in the living room, you can plug into it with a standard ethernet patch cable, or connect to it / the internet wirelessly (802.11b/g).  Most laptops today will have either / both of these.  The WiFi access security codes will be found on a card located in the binder / home manual you will find in the home upon your arrival, please do not attempt to reset the access points in the home, most connection problems are caused by incorrect settings on your laptop.  

Do I get a private parking space?

Yes. The driveways immediately in front of the house is private and for your use only. There is additional parking (including handicapped spaces) immediately alongside the house for any extra vehicles (another advantage of an end-unit!).

What if I have a problem during my stay?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our home and its amenities, but we do recognize that sometimes things beyond our control can occur. In the unlikely event of a problem, our property management company is available 7 days a week to assist you. They will attempt to resolve the problem within 24 hours, but in some instances specialized professional attention may be required, and these incidents will be resolved as quickly as possible.

What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel a reservation, please contact us via phone or e-mail as soon as possible.
Cancellation fees are as follows:
More than 8 weeks before arrival date: $50.00 USD cancellation fee.
Between 4 and 8 weeks before arrival date: 50% of rental amount
Less than 4 weeks before arrival date: 100% of rental amount
See the Terms and Conditions page for further details.

Do I need travel insurance?

The need for travel insurance is a personal decision, but we highly recommended it, especially for our non-US guests.  This type of booking is definitely insurable, allowing for peace of mind in the event of bad weather, sickness, etc.


From a site that allows you to compare multiple offerings of travel insurance:

Is it possible to insure the rental of a house or condo?
All of the companies on our website will provide reimbursement of villa, condo or other rental property as long as there is a written agreement/contract between the insured and the renter. Reimbursement of your pre-paid cost will be made if the trip cancellation or interruption was caused by a peril named in the policy.

How far is it to the theme parks?

We are just 5 minutes / 2 miles from Walt Disney World main gate - the Windsor Hills Resort is the closest vacation rental community to Disney, there are just 2 traffic lights on the way.  There is a back door / shortcut route following Sherberth Road that we provide to all of our guests, that takes you right into WDW by Animal Kingdom.  Seaworld is 10 minutes away, Universal is about 15 minutes.  We've made it from the door of our townhome to the Epcot parking lot in 7 minutes!  (I timed it, but we did catch both traffic lights green on the way).

How does the Windsor Hills Resort daily shuttle service work/operate/etc?

In the sundry shop in the Windsor Hills Resort clubhouse you can find schedules and make arrangements.  Shuttle cost is $10 per person round trip to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, or Animal Kingdom. $14 per person round trip to Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure, Sea World, Wet n' Wild, and shopping areas (Orlando Premium Outlets). There is an information sheet at the clubhouse welcome center with the time schedule. The shuttle company is MAINGATE TRANSPORTATION. They can be called at # 407-390-0000, or 407-870-5553 x2 for questions or reservations.  This is an independent transportation company that provides this service to several resorts in the area, they are not part of Windsor Hills Resort. 


A taxi cab to Disney is $20 one way.. cab to Universal is $32 one way.... Don't forget it costs $11 per day for parking at Disney and Universal if you drive, although you can come and go freely from various parks, it's pay just once per day for parking at all of the Disney parks.


Example: Walt Disney Shuttle Schedule - December 2009 (condensed from clubhouse flyer, most people don't realize that the park hours vary monthly, weekly, and even daily, the shuttle times will change accordingly - you can get current park hours on )

Departures to: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM, and Animal Kingdom - $10.00 per person round trip

* Reservation must be made at least 1 hour prior to the departure time


Pick up times:

Windsor Hills Resort    9:20am, 12:00pm, location - club house


Return times:

12/1-12/30 - Magic Kingdom - 5:00pm, 8:00pm, 10:00pm, location - Taxi and Guest Drop off area (not bus parking)

12/31 - Magic Kingdom - 5:00pm, 8:00pm, 10:00pm, 1:00am

12/1-12/30 - Epcot - 5:10pm, 8:10pm, 10:10pm - location - Taxi and Guest Drop off area (not bus parking)

12/1-12/30 - Hollywood Studios (MGM) - 5:20pm, 8:20pm, 10:20pm - location - Motorcycle parking by Checker Cab Stand

12/1-12/30 - Animal Kingdom - 5:30pm, 8:30pm - location - Green Canopy by Bus Parking


Questions / Comments - Call 407-870-5553 Ext. 2 - Shuttles are priced on a per person, round trip basis.  Scheduled times are departure times.  Shuttle times are subject to traffic and weather conditions and may occasionally run late.  All passengers must have a transportation voucher.  Your resort/hotel and/or Maingate Transportation will not provide reimbursement for taxi or limousine service due to missed shuttles.  There is NO smoking, eating, drinking, strollers or luggage permitted on the shuttle. 

Are the pools heated?

The community pool and hot tub is heated year round, as needed. The private pool in the home may be heated as required, for an additional fee of $15 per day or $105 per week. Pool heat is generally recommended during the months of November through April.

What will the weather / climate be like when I visit?

Depends of course on when you come, here is a link to Orlando metro climate data:

 Foldup ponchos can be handy to bring along to the parks is you're visiting during a rainy period, it typically rains hard in short bursts like many tropical areas do, then clears up.

How do I use the resort amenities?

Access to the resort facilities at Windsor Hills Resort is secured via a Guest "Prox" card.
To obtain a card, visit the Windsor Hills Resort Welcome Desk located in the clubhouse sundry shop. Each card requires a $10 deposit (refundable upon return) and will be good for the duration of your stay. Use of all community facilities is subject to the community guidelines which will be provided to you when receiving your resort "prox" card. Other than needing a card to gain entrance to the pool and clubhouse facilities, the playground, clubhouse, tennis / golf / basketball / volleyball courts, are all completely free for you to use as you see fit!  When you arrive you can turn on any of the TVs to channel 21, the Windsor Hills Resort information channel to find out any current news or special announcements.


The Windsor Hills Resort recreation area has lighted tennis courts, basketball courts, sand volleyball, and a putting/chipping green facility!  Rental sports equipment and balls for all of these are available in the Windsor Hills Resort clubhouse / sundry shop for a small deposit fee (the rental itself is free).   The area also has picnic tables and charcoal BBQ grills, we supply the facilities, you supply the food and fun!

How tall do kids have to be to use the Windsor Hills Resort pool waterslide?

To use the pool waterslide guests must be at least 48" inches in height.  There is a pool slide attendant there for your safety to ensure multiple people aren't on the slide at the same time, and a height sign to measure for the minimum required height.  There are no exceptions to this rule, and they will not let parents go down the slide with shorter kids, please don't ask for exceptions!  (They get this question all the time).  It's an insurance liability concern, and the pool at the bottom of the slide is 4 feet deep, which is why this is the minimum height, they have seen many cases of kids coming down the slide unable to swim / touch bottom and have had to pull them out!

Are there any safety considerations?

The home is located in a gated community with 24-hour security at the front gate, for your peace of mind.  It is a very safe neighborhood. The home itself is equipped with required signage, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher, and alarms on the pool area sliding doors which you may "arm" to alert you if children attempt to enter the pool area unaccompanied. There is a mandatory child fence between the sliders and the pool itself that must be in place when the pool is not in use. Parents MUST supervise all minors when using the pool facilities, as well as the resort pool and clubhouse.

Are there bogus timeshare people at Windsor Hills Resort waiting to accost us?

No, this is not one of those kind of places!  There are no timeshares or anything remotely resembling it anywhere on the property!!  Rest assured is this is your thing there are plenty of timeshare tours you can search out while in the Orlando area, but not here!   Windsor Hills Resort is a new construction resort built in 2005 by Pulte Homes, and private owners rent out their homes, town homes, and condos as well as by other means.


When you arrive allow a little time at the beginning of your trip to shop and stock up on food / etc.  Get up in the AM and eat breakfast at home if heading to the resorts.   The home has an "umbrella" stroller which we think is great for running around the parks with the kids (two actually).  We take a small soft-sided cooler to the parks each day filled with juice, pop/soda, water, small snacks for the kids, etc, so we don't have to eat lunch their every day.    Also, we found it wise to book character dinners and shows at the Disney Parks in advance of our arrival, as this gives our kids a chance to meet each character, get their autograph, and get their picture taken with them as the characters all stop by your dinner table while you're eating.  (Hint: buy your autograph books and Disney pens in advance at Wal-Mart for 1/10th the cost of the parks!!)  Suggested character dinners we have attended, or excellent dinner shows include:  Magic Kingdom - the Crystal Palace, the Cinderella Dinner inside the castle  - Polynesian Village - the luau - Fort Wilderness - the Hoop-De-Do Review - the Contemporary - Chef Mickey's - Epcot Center - inside The Land - The Garden Grill Restaurant, and 1900 Park Faire inside the Grand Floridian  --- Here's a link to the Disney Character Dining website   MOST IMPORTANT - these book up weeks or months in advance... CALL NOW and make reservations or the best ones will all be booked and gone when you arrive on must plan this well in advance!!!